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GLSG-22U is a progressive safety gear with mechanical and electrical components. Mechanical components are consisting of a combination of disk springs, braking elements and trigger mechanism with free movable roller.

The safety gear is activated by a compression spring.
The electrical components are used to keep the safety gear in initial position.


  1. Uni-directional progressive type safety gear for lifts up to 2,0 m/sn.
  2. Application range: maximum 1850 kg load on safety, machined guide rails 9-16 mm oiled and dry condition.
  3. No conventional overspeed governor system needed.
  4. SIL3 safety release system required (IEC 61508 compliant)
  5. Electronical synchronization of left and right safety gear (simultaneous gripping).
  6. Very short reaction time of the magnet release system ensures highest safety (low tripping speed)
  7. Low release force from gripped situation
  8. Versatile installation: can be installed either in a separate housing or on the vertical beam of the car sling.
  9. Small overall dimensions.
  10. Maintenance free operation.
  11. Complete traceability of the production of main components from raw material to final product with coding system stamped to the parts to enhance safety standard.
  12. Compliant with requirements of EN 81-20/50:2014
  13. EU type certified according to Lift Directive
  14. 100% tested and checked at factory.